Thank you for visiting the Ozyspectrumart website. This site has been established to tell the story of how art empowered Jean-Louis Hetu, a young autistic person, to develop self-expression and to rediscover the joys of learning.  It also tells the parallel story of his father, Jean-Marie Hetu, who commenced painting in order to be able to teach his son art as part of home-school curriculum.  What they both discovered was that painting developed into a passion for self-expression, sensory stimulation and empowerment.

Read about the amazing journey of Jean-Marie and Jean-Louis Hetu and their empowerment through art.  An excerpt of this journey has been published in the issue April 2013 of Adelaide Autism Adventures in the Artist's Corner on page 4.

The products that they are offering for sale from this website are original paintings, prints, art T-shirts and essential oil sprays.